2012 Ainsworth Chamber Business Person of the Year

GJW LCC - 2012 Farm / Ranch Business of the Year

Fire Department & Victims Donations
Fires have been burning for five days, thus far, and many acres destroyed. Cattle are unable to graze on the fields, homes and out buildings have been lost, firefighters have been working for days on end with little reprieve. All proceeds from this Fire Relief Fund will be used toward feed and hay for cattle, fencing supplies and other ranching needs, items that the firemen need to keep them going, necessary items for persons displaced by the fire, and help for other fire departments that have come to help us in our time of need. Whatever people need to make it through this ordeal, that is where the donations will be used. Thank you all for your monetary help, physical help, supplies that you may have sent, and your thoughts and prayers! God Bless all of you, we will get through this trying time!
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